Do you want get coaching clients that show they are ready to take action?

Now you can take discovery calls from people who already showed you that they are ready to take action and invest in themselves. And get paid to take these calls!


Watch below video to see how!

Do you feel like...

that your time is spent hustling and marketing, not coaching.

that the last thing you want to do is start yet another conversation in hopes of getting a clients.

Or worse you spend time providing value only to hear that "they are not ready" to invest int themselves or that you are "too expensive".

Sounds familiar?

I know you know coaching who seem to just "have it all" and have a waiting list of clients.

But you feel that you can't get those kind of clients - you know, ready to take action types - without starting (yet) another conversation or calling a friend to ask for a referral.

After spending so much money on courses, certifications and maybe even business coaching, they are no where near getting a client...

Using this done-for-you template you can help your ideal client take the first step in their transformation journey.

I've created a complete Transformational Journal Template that allows you to warm up your leads to be ready to invest in themselves and coaching.

Using this done-for-you template, you can guide your ideal coachee to take small first steps they need to get where they want to go.

They'll become...

  • more aware of where they are
  • learn about what they want in the future
  • open to take the next leap into the dream life

At the same time you...

  • start earning from your expertise
  • grow your email list
  • and Bank Account!

without lifting a finger!

Using this Done-For-You Template You Can Create + Launch Your Very Own Tranformational Journal in a Weekend!

And Yes, you do not need to know how to design (or hire a designer for that matter). You can literally just copy / paste your branding, edit where necessary and voila - you are done!

Using this powerful template from a fellow coach, you'll have your digital product done and dusted and ready to make you some well deserved dough in no time.

Now you can stop procrastinating on who you'll have to chat next to and launch your lead product in a hurry.

You can have this making money for you as early as tomorrow as everything is ready to be used.

So how about it... would you like to wake up to a "kaching" day after tomorrow?

Is it time for you to create your first passive income product that also becomes your best client converting method?

Then you are going to want this fully customizable short-cut journal template!

I totally get you! I'm a coach just like you.

You want easy short-cuts when ever you can.

You want to make coaching a full-time income.

You want it to be fun too!

AND you want it so that it does not add yet another task to your already long to do list.

That's why this template was created.

This is the Simplest Way to Fill Up Your Client List and Bank Account


Let's do this and create a journal for your coaching business that brings in clients and beefs up your bank account.


Import to a FREE Canva account in seconds.


Edit to Journal to match your branding. Tech tutorial is included! Simple!

I've included everything you'll need to create Your Very Own Journal.

Take a peak on what you'll have in your hands in minutes. You can edit each and every detail of the template to make it yours.

Edit the prompts, colors, images, number of challenge days - anything you want!

100% Editable Journal Template for Canva

Journal Template Includes:

  • 21 Daily Pages with Daily Planner and Journal Prompt Pages
  • 4 Cover Options
  • 11 Page Options including Wheel of Life, Assesment Pages
  • Quote Pages
  • Resource Pages
  • Two About Me Pages
  • Two Coaching Package Pages
  • Three Ready for Next Step Pages

Here's what it could look like

Just edit, tweak, brand and download to Sell Your Very Own Journal.

Ready for Paypal "You've Sold a Journal" Notifications?

  • You can use this template to grow your email list and bank account
  • And make second (or third) copy to give to your coaching clients to fill during your sessions (and up your price too!!).

With this template you do not have to Design your journal at all!

Here's how you get out of the cycle of daily marketing and start really growing your coaching business.

The secret to growing your coaching business is having a low-priced, high-value Lead Product to offer to leads before 1-2-1 coaching.

I know, it can feel overwhelming to create your first digital product.

First you need to think about content but what about the design!

Hiring a graphic designer gets pricy in a hurry - and where to find one?

This is where the Transformational Journal Template comes in!


Create a journal that gets your ideal clients started in their tranformation journey and take the first step in self awareness.


Have the journal be your best lead magnet that not only builds your email list but your bank account too.

A powerful transformational journal at a no brainer price sells like a hot cake to your target market.


Offer real transformation or a quick win with your journal that naturally gets your ideal client started in their journey and are more than ready to get serious with personal development and coaching.

Here's what you could use the journal for..

As coaches we recommend journaling to our coachees all the time!

This handy template allows you to put your favorite journaling prompts in a beautiful package and sell it to your audience to give them an idea what it is to work with you.

There's nothing like waking up to "Sold" notifications!

You could also create second version to give to your coaching clients as a highly valuable bonus.

Build Client List

Give it for free in exchange of email address. Or even better, ask for a low fee and make money and build your email list with paying clients!

Valuable Bonus

Create a second version and give it to your coaching clients to use while working with you! It immediately inceases the value of your program.

You'll also get valuable bonuses like..

100+ Journal Prompts

Running out of ideas what prompts to add to your journal?

No problem!

You'll get over 100 journal prompts to select the ones that works best for your audience.

Social Media Images Done for You

I've made marketing your shiny new journal super easy!

You'll get over 20 social media templates that you can use in Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and more.

Just plug in your journal images and you are done!

This is perfect for your coaching business if you...

  • Wan't to offer more than just your 1-2-1 coaching to your clients.
  • You want to create impactful journal that you know will take your client forward in their transformation journey.
  • You do not want to hire an expensive designer and don't want to learn difficult editing apps.
  • You want your product up in less thn a day!

Ideal for coaches in ANY niches!

Let's recap on What you'll get

-> Done for you Journal Template ($297)

-> 100+ Journal Prompts ($47)

-> Bonus Canva Training videos ($197)

-> Bonus Social Media templates ($197)

TOTAL VALUE $738 Today just $27

Get paid to build your email and get people to know, like and trust you and the coaching you provide...

.... and then turn your journal clients into coaching clients with ease.

The only thing you need is a FREE Canva Account

That's right, you just need FREE Canva account to use this template.

Simply import the journal to your account and it's ready to use!

You can edit:
- Font
- Colors
- Layout
- Page Order
- Add / Remove Pages

Canva is super easy to drag-n-drop design app that is loved by hundreds of thousands of users.

New & Seasoned Coaches

Suitable for brand new coaches and seasoned coaches. As is for all tech levels. Canva is simple to use and you'll get tutorial with the template.

Suitable for Life Coaches, Health Coaches, Mindset Coaches, Business Coaches, Healers and any other type of coach out there!

No Need to hire a Graphic Designer

You can edit text, fonts, colors, images - ANYTHING - on this template and you can do it yourself! No need to hire a designer to work on this.

If you do not want to DIY, you can hire a Virtual Assistant to edit this. All VA's know how to use Canva so it won't take them long time to edit to your liking.

Hi, I'm Nina

I'm a coach just like you and I'm super passionate about helping service providers free up their time and to make passive income with digital products.

Mini products transformed my life and business, and that is my goal for your business too.



What can I use this for?

You can give the journal for free as a digital PDF file to capture email addresses. Or better is to sell it and make money while you build your email and client list.

When I get access to template?

In couple of minutes if you take action! Once you've completed the purchase, I'll email you all the necessary details. You can have this making money for your TOMORROW!

Does it take long to edit this?

I genuinely do not think so! I'll have a video training for you to watch that you can follow on how to edit the journal quickly. I'd recommend you do as little edits in the first go around and start selling faster - you can always edit it more later. Or hand the template to your VA who can edit it for you.

What am I allowed to do?

Anything you want! You can create MULTIPLE products to give or sell to your audience with this one template. The only thing that is not allowed is to give or sell the actual Canva template in part or full.

I don't know what journal prompts to use?

That's no problem! I have selected 100 journal prompts for you where you can select suitable ones for your audience.

What is editable on the template?

Everything! Edit logo, text, font, sizing, images, headers, footers.... You can make it match your branding to the tee! But you do not have to edit anything but logo and text and keep my design as is too.

Why wait? Start building your money making coaching business!

Why put off taking your business to the next level? You can buy the templates today and have it selling you tomorrow. Template comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

$47 $27